Brake Repair

University Motor Werks  is here to help you with your brake repair inspection and service needs here in Phoenix, AZ. Here at our shop we service all vehicle makes and models including cars, trucks and SUVs.

We offer a FREE! Brake Inspection to determine if any repairs are needed and will also offer same-day service for most cars and small trucks depending on time of day the your vehicle is brought to our shop. With the Arizona heat it is very important to continually check your brakes at least 2 times a year, and if you drive aggressively we recommend even more than that.

Brake Repair Service Includes

  • Resurface rotors or rear drums
  • Re-pack front wheel bearings (except sealed units)
  • Inspect master cylinder and brake hoses
  • Road-test the vehicle
  • Lifetime warranty

Our technicians our ASE certified and we guarantee our work on both disc, drum, ABS systems. There are other auto shops that will not tell you honestly about your brakes, Mohan and the crew at University Motor Werks will show you what we find as well as let you know our recommendations for your brake repairs.